About Us

Unlikely Design Co. is an interdisciplinary studio focused on creating heirloom quality lighting and design objects. Co-founded in early 2023 by longtime collaborators and best friends, Michelle Kwiecien and Lily Reeves, UDC is the result of their passion for lighting, art, and design.


In their first collection of made-to-order luminaires, the artist and designer duo positions traditional glass neon as a replacement for the common light bulb against tailor made brass fixtures to accentuate the alluring glow of neon light.


Shown in each product is an undeniable commitment to craft, quality, and sustainability. Due to the lifespan of a neon bulb, which can last over 100 years, our fixtures are made to illuminate your space for generations to come.

Michelle Kwiecien, Co-Founder

Michelle is an interdisciplinary artist living in Philadelphia, PA. Her background in sculpture coupled with many years of working as a metal fabricator has melded her interest in material poetry with functional object making. She brings these worlds together by employing a range of metalworking techniques to produce thoughtfully designed and executed work.


Lily Reeves, Co-Founder

Reeves is a contemporary light artist and designer based in Phoenix, AZ. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Reeves Studios whose mission is to enliven public space with immersive lighting installations that explore the possibilities of light and materiality.

Reeves Studios